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The financial status of Paraloan

Current loans

As of the financial year ending June 2021, Paraloan had funds of $4.7 million invested in 60 loans to people with physical disabilities.


$24.7 million has been lent out during the 48 years of the Foundation's existence.


Approximately 93% of loans are housing related, with the remainder being spread amongst motor vehicles, self-employment, debt repayment and miscellaneous loans (eg wheelchairs, household goods etc). 



Over the last ten years, approximately 72% of Paraloan's income came from instalment payments from existing loans, fundamentally interest charged on loans. The remaining 28% came from grants, donations and bequests.


Some income is derived from short-term investment, which varies from time to time.


Annual report

A copy of the June 2021 Annual Performance Report is available for download.

Paraloan 48th Annual Report.pdf


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