Interest rates

below market rates

The interest rate for housing loans is determined by the very lowest fixed rate available for housing in New Zealand at the time. Our rate is normally below that rate.


At the present time, Paraloan is offering 5.09% as its base lending rate.


The interest rate may be higher depending on the purpose of a loan, the circumstances of an applicant, security on a loan and any risk factors.


Paraloan's Trustees determine which interest rate is appropriate when reviewing and approving a loan.


To see how our interest rate compares to other lending institutions, visit Our rate is listed along with all other major lenders in the Borrowing section.


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  • 5.09% is our lowest rate for housing loans.
  • Rate can be  below the lowest fixed rate in NZ.
  • The actual rate may be higher depending on your circumstances, loan security and the purpose of the loan.